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InstantSiteDesign is full of great features to help you design and maintain your own web site in minutes! Read the following to learn more.
Design Gallery You will have access to 1000's of templates covering hundreds of professional quality designs, images and colors to choose from.
Browser-based HTML editor You will have a full-function, completely browser-based HTML editor that allows you to create rich HTML content easily and quickly, with no programming knowledge required.
Designed for both novice and power users You can now create a complete web site in under 1 hour! Power users can incorporate their own customizations.
Form Wizard The Form Wizard helps you create customized forms for your web site. With the Form Wizard, you can now create any form containing any input field. This will enable you to create forms for Feedback, Registration, etc. containing elements like text box/area, pull down menus, radio buttons, and more!
Powerful image replacement options within design templates All the design templates have images embedded within them. InstantSiteDesign Wizard empowers you to replace these images with your own.
Site Update Options InstantSiteDesign's powerful site updating options allows your to change, modify or update your web site any number of times.
Search Engine Optimization This important feature enables you to quickly add meta tag information, including keywords, site title, description, and more to your web site. These meta tag's help search engines to index your site better.
Navigation Manager 1) The Navigation Manager provides complete control over the site's navigations and their order of page appearance. 2) You can add and delete navigations, which in turn will add a new page or delete an existing page. 3) You can change the navigation name. 4) It is also possible to rearrange the order of appearance of the sites navigation.
Change design template You can change the design template any time without affecting your sites content.
Your own Domain Name All InstantSiteDesign accounts come with a free address to host your web site. Or, you can register a domain name or use a domain name that you already own.
Web site Hosting You will receive 1 year of web site Hosting for your InstantSiteDesign web site.
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